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Port Canaveral is BOOMING! Cruise News Florida

It’s been an exciting period of time for Port Canaveral!  Tourists have been pouring in by the truck load for vacationing, cruises, and some much-needed time at the beach. Here’s an update on what we have going on around us for the week.   We had a successful Independence day here just a couple of

How to Save Money On Your Next Cruise Vacation

So you’re planning your next big trip and decided to go on that cruise you’ve always wanted. We all know that traveling isn’t cheap. Going on a cruise can be especially hard on your wallet. We’ve decided to put together a few tricks and tips on how to save money and budget effectively whilst on

Port Canaveral Welcomes Harmony Of the Seas

Port Canaveral Welcomes Harmony Of the Seas Port Canaveral’s newest arrival is Royal Caribbean’s “Harmony of the Seas!” Its maiden voyage was on May 29th, 2016 out of Port Everglades and remained there until now. On May 6th, 2019 the Harmony of the Seas will depart from Port Canaveral where it will now call its

What to do in Port Canaveral, Florida

If you’ve made your way to Port Canaveral for a cruise, or just a visit, we promise that if you get out of the hotel and explore you won’t run out of fun day-time activities and restaurants or bars for nightlife. However, someone less savvy to the area may not know all the ins and

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