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What to do in port Canaveral Florida

If you’ve made your way to Port Canaveral for a cruise, or just a visit, we promise that if you get out of the hotel and explore you won’t run out of fun day-time activities and restaurants or bars for nightlife. However, someone less savvy to the area may not know all the ins and outs of the location. We’ve put together this article for a brief summary of what we think are some unmissable attractions within driving distance of the port!

If you come with family, have no fear! Port Canaveral has tons of family friendly fun that everyone will enjoy. There are tons of parks and beaches that can’t be beat. One of the most notable would be Jetty Park! They have a beautiful beach where you can see the cruise ships dock and embark on their voyages. Fishing piers are also located on the beach, and campgrounds if you decide to stay for the night! Another super cool one is the Manatee Sanctuary Park! It’s exactly how it sounds, the manatees flock to this protected habitat where they feast on the seagrass. It would be really cool for you and your kids to be able to see some wild manatees, just don’t touch them, they’re threatened for endangerment status.

What if parks and beaches aren’t your family’s thing? Port Canaveral is much more than the ocean and beach. We have the Kennedy Space Center, Exploration Tower, Cocoa Village Playhouse, and the Dinosaur Store! The Space Center is an awesome NASA facility where you can take a tour and learn all about the Space Coast’s rich history. At the Exploration Tower they have tons of informative exhibits and an amazing view of the port and Atlantic Ocean! The Cocoa Village Playhouse, founded in 1924, has a rich history from playing some of the first black and white silent films and some of the first “talkies”! Another great spot for kids is the Dinosaur Store, where you can see everything dinosaur related and leave with some really cool souvenirs.

For nightlife and adult activities, the Port does not disappoint. We have helicopter tours, casino cruises, and even a skydive center. Not to mention the plethora of happening bars and restaurants with live music and a great crowd.

Hopefully our local insight has helped you get a look into what Port Canaveral has to offer. Any way you play it, you’ll have a great time. Even just a relaxing day by the beach and park is a great way to spend your vacation time. So relax! Visit and we will take care of all the rest. We provide shuttles to and from hotels and the airport, and safe private transportation wherever else you may need to go. Thank you for reading and have a great trip!

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