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Port canaveral is booming! cruise news florida

It’s been an exciting period of time for Port Canaveral!  Tourists have been pouring in by the truckload for vacations, cruises, and some much-needed time at the beach. Here’s an update on what we have going on around us for the week.

We had a successful Independence day here just a couple of weeks ago.  Coming up this weekend is the end of the red snapper season, so plenty of local fishermen will be out and about.  From what we see, the Port’s future plans with Disney are coming along smoothly. A funny incident that happened at the Port over the past week was a cruise ship hitchhiker tried to sneak onto one of the cruises for a getaway to Canada!  He was quickly spotted by the cruise line’s security and escorted off the boat.

To show you how busy we’ve gotten here at Port Canaveral, we had six ships docked at once at the Port at the beginning of this month.  That’s the most amount of ships we’ve had here at once for years. Altogether, the ships carried over 30,000 passengers. That’s a lot of people headed out for their cruise!

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