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Plan your cruise packing for a port canaveral cruise

If you have your first cruise coming up you may not know all the regular cruise-goers’ secrets on what to bring and how to make the best use of your time during your trip. As lovers of the wide-open sea and lovers of cruise ships, we at Lux2Transfer wanted to compose an informal list of all these secrets collected from years spent serving cruise-goers. Bust out your checklist, get relaxed, and look into these suggestions to best prepare yourself for your upcoming journey!


Beyond the necessities and basic toiletries, there are a few things we’d mention to pack that may not seem obvious to a new cruiser. A change of formal clothes can really come in handy on a cruise. Many cruises have fancy restaurants, events, and shows that you’d like to wear something nice too. For relaxing, make sure you wear light loose clothes with a bathing suit handy. It would also be smart to pack a light sweater as it gets cold outside in the middle of the night on the open sea. If it’s your first time voyaging this deep into the ocean, you may be unsure if your body would have an adverse reaction to being on the water. It may be smart to pack medication for motion sickness or upset stomach.

The perfect way to ruin a cruise would be to get sick on it. When you’re out having fun in the water or at your destination, it’d be good to have a waterproof phone case if you were to drop your phone in water, surely would bum you out on your trip. If the case allows for complete underwater submerging, it would be awesome to get some underwater pictures and videos of your trip. Last but not least, a little extra cash would not hurt. It’s customary to tip the help on a cruise and at your destination, so having extra cash in your pocket will make sure you don’t seem cheap to the other cruise-goers or the locals!


One burden that we can help lift off your shoulders is the issue of how you’ll get to your cruise! If you’re flying into the Orlando airport, you’ll likely need a shuttle to Port Canaveral. The port is where all the main cruise lines dock their ships and depart for their itineraries. We provide a shuttle service to and from Orlando airports and hotels to the Port and surrounding Port hotels! Don’t worry about calling an expensive taxi or burdening anyone you’re meeting in Port Canaveral. Instead, we have very affordable rides, with buses that are state-of-the-art and comfortable. Bring the whole family! We offer discounted rates for groups traveling together.

The Cruise

Enjoy! You’ve prepared yourself, figured out the small details, and you’re ready to cruise! Make sure while your there to do everything you want but don’t stress yourself out! You’re there for a good time and a lot of cruises have so much to do that you won’t get everything done. That’s OK! You’re there to relax and embark on an awesome adventure. Talk to other cruise-goers and the staff, learn about the area you’re going to and enjoy!

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