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Is uber safe? a cheaper and safer alternative to uber for rides to port canaveral.

Chances are you’ve heard of the rideshare behemoth, Uber.  Due to it being cheaper than taxis and good in a pinch, Uber has become increasingly popular.  However, it’s not always the cheapest or the safest method of transportation.  The nightmare stories of burglaries, kidnappings, and even murders have piled up under Uber’s legacy.

When calling an Uber, you can’t be sure that their driver is a professional, or even isn’t a criminal. Hopefully, from reading these points and hearing about Uber horror stories, you will look to find alternative ride options like us that are much cheaper and will keep you safer and save money traveling.

A huge downside to Uber is that there is no formal process for hiring drivers.  There is no interview and anyone can apply to become a driver. You’d wonder how they steer off criminals, and the answer is they don’t.  Their one precautionary measure is their background check that only checks their past seven years of criminal activity. This has not been very effective, and we know so because of the string of crimes committed by Uber drivers.

Very recently, just a month before this was written (May 2019), an Uber driver in San Mateo, California was arrested for burglarizing the riders’ house after they had been dropped off at the airport. It’s very scary to think that a thief could easily sign up for Uber and become a driver relatively easy.  With a professional service like ours, we have close relationships to our drivers and know that they take their role in the industry very seriously.

The saddest and most regrettable losses that came via malicious Uber drivers that made it through the cracks are the number of murders and deaths that have come about due to Uber’s limited hiring process. This is a very severe problem.  Visiting this site here, gives insight on how frequent and terrible these crimes have been.  Here are the quick numbers on these statistics according to that article:

10 deaths attributed to Uber and Lyft

32 alleged assaults by Uber and Lyft drivers

100+ alleged sexual assaults and harassment incidents by Uber and Lyft

…and plenty of other troubles such as known felons getting through the hiring process, alleged kidnappings, driver DUIs, and impostors.

These are very morbid and true reasons to find an alternative to Uber. A less serious but also very important factor to consider is the price of an Uber. Being cheaper than taxis, Uber took the ball in terms of short distance traveling. However, it is still much cheaper to use a shuttle service like ours.

We provide your ride to and from Port Canaveral and the Orlando airport in sunny Florida. All at almost three-quarters of the cost for an Uber. We look forward to hearing from you!

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