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How To Save Money On Your Next Cruise Vacation

So you’re planning your next big trip and decided to go on that cruise you’ve always wanted. We all know that traveling isn’t cheap. Going on a cruise can be especially hard on your wallet. We’ve decided to put together a few tricks and tips on how to save money and budget effectively whilst on your trip.


When looking for a flight, it’s smart to check out a travel search engine. One of the most popular ones around now is What makes these sites so helpful is that they are not an online payment processor or a virtual travel agent. They search for and find the best deals on flights directly from the airlines. Other sites trying to sell you tickets will add unnecessary fees and costs to book your flight. Go and check out a travel search engine to see how much you could save on your flight.

Getting Around

Once you’ve made it to the airport, many people will get a cab or use an online rideshare app like Uber and Lyft. This is hardly the most cost effective method of ground transportation. The rideshare apps will charge you nearly a hundred dollars to travel only fifty miles! Using a shuttle service like Lux2 Transfer will cut that cost into a fraction of what you’d pay with Uber or Lyft. If you’re cruise is in Port Canaveral and you’ve landed in Orlando, we’d love to help you save money on getting to the Port. It’s the smart thing to do.

Hotels & Hostels

Using a travel search engine also works with hotels. However, if you’re really trying to travel on a budget there are ways to save big on your sleeping situation. Hostels are all around the world that have dorm-like rooms filled with other travelers. This wouldn’t be the best idea for a family trip, but if you’re riding solo this is a great way to meet people and save a lot of money. They are typically a quarter of the cost that a hotel would be. Going even cheaper than that, there are couch surfing apps and programs such as WWOOF where you work on an organic farm in return for food and a place to sleep! It might sound unpleasant to be working on a vacation, but it is an amazing way to learn about the culture and be a real part of the community that you’re traveling to.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you find at least a nugget or two of information on how to save money for your next trip. If you plan smartly you can travel well on a budget. And if you’re flying into Orlando we’d be happy to help you get to where you’re going, cheaply. Thank you for reading and make sure to check out the rest of our site and blog!

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