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Beaches Near Port Canaveral & Parks Near Port Canaveral

Whether you’re a passerby, tourist, or new resident of Port Canaveral, you may be interested in learning more about the beaches that you have access to. Which are the busiest, what each of them have to offer, and how close each of them are to the Port? That is why we have concocted this list of the more prominent beaches and parks within driving or taxi-ing distance of your hotel or home in Cape Canaveral.

Jetty Park Beach

While Jetty Park is technically a campground for over-nighters coming to the Port in their RV’s, they have great access to the beach that would be your closest option if you’re in Port Canaveral. If you don’t have a ticket to stay overnight, the park is open between 5am and 11pm. That’s almost all day for you to explore and soak up some sun. If you step out on the fishing pier, you can even see the cruise ships come and go. Bring your family here for the day and be close to the Port for easy traveling to the restaurants and your hotel.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa beach is world-famous, and further from the Port than the Jetty Park Beach, but is significantly more popular among beach-goers. Being a very busy tourist attraction, especially for spring breakers, this spot gets busiest between spring and summer. While Port Canaveral has plenty to do in terms of nightlife and daytime activities, if you’d like to switch it up and see one of Florida’s famous party spots then come check out Cocoa Beach. Considering it is only a 15 – 20 minute drive, it is well worth a day visit to check out the various stores, restaurants, and bars. Get yourself a delicious açaí bowl (a healthy, ice cream-like, desert made of frozen fruit and berries), explore the Kennedy Space center, check out the beach, and hit the very happening bars by night.

Manatee Sanctuary Park

You can likely guess the main attraction of this park. You’ve got it! Manatees! Manatees were recently taken off of the endangered species list and put under the class of being vulnerable to extinction rates. This is a step in the right direction for keeping these guys around! And if you’re interested in seeing one up close then look no further. The Manatee Sanctuary Park has sea grass along the boardwalk which these cows of the sea love to munch on! But don’t touch any of them or get too close, you’ll likely be yelled at by a local.

Banana River Park

Just north of the Manatee Sanctuary Park, there is the Banana River Park! Here, you can launch a kayak and have a scenic ride around the Banana River. If you have the time, this is an awesome way to spend part of your day here. There’s also a nice little park with a grill and playground for kids. This is a good fishing spot, too.

Cherie Down Park

This is another good choice for a park on the other side of the island, facing the Atlantic. It has great beach access that is close enough to see the cruise ships come and go, but not nearly as busy as the Jetty Park Beach. There’s plenty of parking and picnic tables, also.

We hope that we could have been of some help to you in deciding how to plan and spend your trip with us here. Please do more research of your own, as the area offers many more prime locations for beaches and parks. We simply put together this list of what we thought were the best options. If you need any ground transportation services, specifically from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) to and from Port Canaveral, please feel free to check out the rest of our site for pricing information. Don’t take an Uber from the airport, save money by booking with us. It’s almost a quarter of the price to go with Lux2 Transfer.

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